Nursing Supports

Stoma Care

After surgery or diagnosis, our focus should be on self-care and resting well for a full recovery. However, the reality is that we tend to spend much of our time and energy working out viable care arrangements, from transportation and queues to cost management, to get the care we need after discharge.

For those with chronic conditions, visits to hospitals, clinics or treatment facilities to get nursing procedures completed can be a common and regular occurrence.

However, medical appointments are often time-consuming and the commute can be costly and a hassle, especially for those with mobility constraints.

Sometimes, we may also suddenly find ourselves in need of urgent nursing care due to unforeseen circumstances, such as needing stoma care due to skin irritation.

Speed is key in such scenarios. Travelling to a care facility and waiting in line may not be possible. Precision care can support you as you strive to achieve your goals in independent living. We respect every person’s diversity, culture and identity.

You may use your NDIS funding to engage our disability support services if:
You self-manage your NDIS funds

You may directly book services with us. Homage will issue you the service invoice for you to submit claims.

A plan manager manages your NDIS funds

You may connect Homage with your plan manager to facilitate service bookings using your NDIS funds.

Our friendly advice team can assist you in choosing a home support / care package and provide step-by-step guidance through the process.