General Supports

Community Access

Precision care’s support workers can provide care to your loved ones in their own home giving individuals the opportunity to remain in their own environment and still receive all the care they require.

We understand how important it is to integrate with the Community. Precision care’s dedicated, trained staff will make every effort to provide the best opportunities and the best care to those who participate in these programs.

Precision care’s community access services aim to provide access to recreational activities, social opportunities and enables an individual to develop skills and competencies for greater independence.

Community access support can include goal-based activities such as catching public transport to and from activities, accessing your local shops, attending medical appointments, navigating to a relative or friends house, or buying items from the shops. Our support workers can take you to any recreational activities such as concerts, the cinema, cultural group meet-ups, social events or any other places you wish to go.

Our friendly advice team can assist you in choosing a home support / care package and provide step-by-step guidance through the process.