Our support services

General support

Precision care offers NDIS Support Coordination to NDIS participants and those who are eligible for the NDIS. A Precision care Support Coordinator will support you to utilise your plan to best meet your needs and guide you to use your plan to achieve your goals. Whether that be to live more independently, increase your skills or be included in your community.

Nursing support

Precision care is available to help you with many conditions, including:

Precision care home nursing support

We can provide support for home nursing, including:

Medical supplies and equipment

We can also help you purchase bandages and dressings, vitamins, creams and other medical equipment that you need. Nutritional supplements such as Sustagen and Proform can also be purchased using your home care package. Incontinence supplies and diabetes management supplies can also be purchased.

Extra Services

Extra service fees are what approved providers of care charge for ‘bundles’ of extra services.

Extra services involve the provision of a significantly higher than average standard of services.

Why extra service fees need approval

You must apply for approval so we can make sure:

For full requirements, see:

Maximum increase allowed

The maximum increase allowed is 20% plus the percentage change in inflation over the last 12 months.

We use the All Groups Consumer Price Index (CPI) (weighted average of eight capital cities) as the measure of inflation.