Recruitment Process


Clients are always involved in the decision-making process when a carer is selected. We present the carer’s profile ( for live in clients) with characteristics, experience, achievements and hobbies. Then we organize an interview, so both parties can assess each other.

The client’s preferences will always be paramount.

Once we match a carer to a client, we ensure they are fully briefed and we supply a Care Plan with consent to provide care, the client’s contract, and service user guide with all necessary information and suggestions.

Continuity of Care

When Precision care agrees which team of carers will support you, we will set up a rotation system of visits/ shifts/ live in periods with regular intervals.

Precision care will make sure that the same carers you chosen will attend you and you will have a selection of people that can support you, so if any of them would need a day off, holidays or be off sick, your support will be provided without unnecessary disruption.

All your carers will make the Care plan notes , which will be prepared at each visit and each shift, this documentation will stay with you, so carers, family members, authorised by you people and other professionals will be able to share important information about your care.

Handovers, supervisions, observations done by supervisors and check-up calls from the office are some of the ways we want to make sure that the care provision is up to the highest standards.